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When you whitewash your home, leave a small patch bare to remind you of the Temple's destruction! [Tisha B'Av]

  - Talmud, Bava BatraTopics: holidays history Israel home and family
The concept of history is the product of Prophetism.

  - Hermann CohenTopics: history
History is the study of other people's mistakes.

  - Phillip GuedallaTopics: history
A people's memory is history; and as a man without a memory, so a people without a history cannot grow wiser, better.

  - Isaac PeretzTopics: history Israel
History is not merely the record of a string of occurrences. It is an attempt to seize occurrences in their pattern.

  - Leon RothTopics: history
Ages employed in making history have no time for studying it.

  - Solomon SchechterTopics: history
The history of the world is the judge of the world.

  - H ermann UllmannTopics: history
History has no time to be just...She keeps her eyes fixed on the victorious, and leaves the vanquished in the shadows.

  - Stefan ZweigTopics: history
The historian's special interest in the Jewish nation is due to its being the only one that is met with at evey turn of history.

  - James DarmsteterTopics: history Israel
The history of the Jewish people is like an axis crossing the history of mankind from one of its poles to the other.

  - Simon DubnowTopics: history Israel
Blood and fire and pillars of smoke---Joel (Yoel) 3:3---this is the whole history of the Jews; the rest is commentary; study it.

  - Isaac KaminerTopics: history Israel
To see in history a moral purpose and a task for a people on earth is a great discovery, far more important than the accounts of battles and intrigues that have plagued humanity from time immemorial.

  - Jacob SingerTopics: history Israel
Many pens are broken, and seas of ink consumed, to descibe things that never happened.

  - Midrash TanchumaTopics: history books
The Jews are God's stake in human history.

  - A. J. HeschelTopics: history Israel
Research into the past, as an aim in itself, without the 'present', is not worth a bean.

  - Chaim Nachman BialikTopics: history
The philosophy of a nation is to be found in its proverbs at times.

  - Chaim Nachman BialikTopics: history Israel education
As the generation, so the leader; as the leader, so the generation.

  - Talmud Yerushalmi, SanhedrinTopics: history government leadership
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