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Just as anti-Semitism drives the weak, the cowardly and the materialistic Jew into Christianity, so its pressure has strengthened my own Judaism powerfully within me.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: anti-Semitism
What a wonderful machine Man's body is, a chemical laboratory and a power-station, every movement full of secrets and wonders!

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: health and medicine science
A man's every act begins with a dream and ends with one.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: dreams
We accept this word 'Jew', ostensibly a term of abuse, and shall turn it into a title.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: Israel anti-Semitism
The Jewish State is an imperative for the world and therefore will assuredly be established.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: Israel
Where can you find a better place to spend the dangerous age than in literature?

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: books
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