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Do not offer your food to one who has no appetite for it!

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: manners food and drink hospitality wisdom
The host enters the house first and the guest follows, but the guest is the first to leave.

  - Derekh Eretz R.Topics: hospitality
The host enjoys the company of good guests.

  - Shemen LamaorTopics: hospitality
You will always be honored as a guest if you, too, can play the host. The man invited to dinner is the man who can dine at home if he likes.

  - Chaim WeizmannTopics: hospitality
A rich guest is a burden - - - he demands so much!

  - Yiddish ProverbTopics: hospitality wisdom
There used to be a very good custom in Jerusalem: a table-cloth was spread at the door - - - so long as it was in place, guests would enter the house. When it was removed, they would not.

  - Talmud, Bava BatraTopics: Jerusalem hospitality
Hospitality matters more than being early in synagogue.

  - Talmud, ShabbatTopics: hospitality
A man is praised upon his entry according to his attire, upon his departure according to his wit.

  - Mishle AssafTopics: hospitality wisdom
Let a stranger live with you, and he'll estrange your way of life.

  - Apocrypha: Ben SiraTopics: hospitality home and family
Mankind is divisible into two great classes: hosts and guests.

  - Max BeerbohmTopics: hospitality
Build your home in such a way that a stranger may feel happy in your midst!

  - Theodor HerzlTopics: Israel hospitality home and family
If a guest enters your home, ask him no quesitons of the Torah unless you know that he can answer!

  - Sefer ChassidimTopics: manners hospitality home and family
Let your home be a meet-place for the Sages!

  - Avot 1:4Topics: hospitality education home and family
Let your home be wide open and the needy be members of your household.

  - Avot 1:5Topics: charity home and family hospitality
Let all who are hungry come and eat. [Passover]

  - Passovaer HaggadahTopics: food and drink charity hospitality
The poor does for the host more than the host for the poor.

  - Joshua b. HananiaTopics: charity hospitality
Nowhere does the Torah say, 'Invite your guest to pray'; but it does tell us to offer him food, drink and a bed.

  - KaganTopics: food and drink hospitality
In the house of a wise man none is ever slow to perform the duties of hospitality.

  - PhiloTopics: hospitality home and family
Hospitality to wayfarers is greater than welcoming the Shekina.

  - Talmud, SabbathTopics: hospitality
The host breaks bread and the guest says Grace.

  - Talmud, BerakotTopics: hospitality
Whatever your host tells you, do.

  - Talmud, PesachimTopics: manners hospitality
Who lodges a scholar in his home is as one offering first-fruits [Shavuot] in the Temple.

  - Leviticus (Vayikra) R.Topics: holidays hospitality education home and family
A woman recognizes the character of a guest sooner than her husband does.

  - Talmud, Berakot 10Topics: women hospitality
Hospitality to strangers shows reverence for the name of the Lord.

  - Talmud, Shabbat 127aTopics: hospitality
Welcome everyone---with joy.

  - Sayings of the Fathers 1:15Topics: hospitality
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