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The School of Shammai says: A man may not divorce his wife unless he has found unchastity in her. . .The School of Hillel says: He may divorce her even if she spoiled a dish for him . . .Rabbi Akiva says: Even if he found a fairer woman.

  - Gittin 9:10Topics: justice and law marriage
If a man divorces his first wife, even the altar sheds tears for him.

  - Talmud, GittinTopics: justice and law marriage
Let no man marry a wife meaning to divorce her!

  - Talmud, YevamotTopics: justice and law marriage
An emergency alters the situation.

  - Talmud, KetubotTopics: justice and law wisdom
You do not take examples from a situation of emergency.

  - Talmud Yerushalmi, SukkahTopics: justice and law
The rightous among the Gentiles have a share in the world to come.

  - ToseftaTopics: death justice and law wisdom
Do not withhold good where it is due, if it be in your power to bestow it!

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 3:27Topics: charity justice and law
You shall not render partial verdict; and do not favor the poor nor show deference to the rich; judge your neighbor fairly!

  - Leviticus (Vayikra) 19:15Topics: justice and law
Partiality in judgement is not good.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 24:23Topics: justice and law
A judge who takes bribes, perverting justice, will not die of old age before first going blind.

  - Peah 8:9Topics: justice and law
A person is judged only by his acts at the time.

  - Talmud, Rosh HashanaTopics: justice and law
If you see a generation drowning in a sea of troubles, go forth and consider what the judges of Israel do!

  - Talmud, ShabbatTopics: history justice and law Torah/Bible/Tanach
A judge must have these seven virtues: wisdom, humility, fear of God, disdain of profit, love of truth, love of his fellow-men, and a good name.

  - TambamTopics: love truth justice and law wisdom
Justice and only justice shall you follow.

  - Deuteronomy (Devarim) 16:20Topics: justice and law
Learn to do good; seek justice, school oppression; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow!

  - Isaiah (Yesha'yahu)Topics: justice and law
But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream!

  - Amos 5:24Topics: charity justice and law
Blessed are they that observe justice and do righteousness at all times!

  - Psalms (Tehillim) 106:3Topics: charity justice and law
When justice is done, it is joy to the righteous.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 21:15Topics: justice and law
By three things is the world sustained: justice, truth and peace.

  - Avot 1:17Topics: truth justice and law peace
When justice is not meted out on earth, it is meted out in heaven.

  - Midrash, TehillimTopics: justice and law
Justice has but one form; injustice has many.

  - Moshe Ben EzraTopics: justice and law
By three things is the world sustained: the Law, the Temple service and deeds of loving kindness.

  - Avot 1:2Topics: Jerusalem charity justice and law
By justice a king makes the kingdom firm and strong.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 29:4Topics: history justice and law
The law of the land prevails.

  - Talmud, GittinTopics: justice and law
If we were all righteous, we would need no law of torts.

  - Joseph CaspiTopics: justice and law
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