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Even in Paradise, it is not good to be alone.

  - Yiddish ProverbTopics: marriage
Can there be a wedding without a bride!

  - Pesiqta RabbatiTopics: marriage
Where no hedge is, the vineyard will be derelict, and where no wife is a man is waif and stray.

  - Ben Sira 36:26Topics: marriage
If you are twenty and still celibate, you will be thinking of sin all your days.

  - Talmud, KiddushinTopics: marriage
The bachelor has no nest and the benedict no rest.

  - Reuven AlcalayTopics: marriage
Three things have charm: a place to its residents, a woman to her husband, a bargain to its customer, and some say, also, the Torah to its students.

  - Talmud, SotaTopics: women business and money Israel marriage Torah/Bible/Tanach
Let a father wed his daughter to a scholar, even if he spend all his money on her dowry!

  - Tanna Deve Eliyahu R.Topics: parents children marriage education
The School of Shammai says: A man may not divorce his wife unless he has found unchastity in her. . .The School of Hillel says: He may divorce her even if she spoiled a dish for him . . .Rabbi Akiva says: Even if he found a fairer woman.

  - Gittin 9:10Topics: justice and law marriage
If a man divorces his first wife, even the altar sheds tears for him.

  - Talmud, GittinTopics: justice and law marriage
Let no man marry a wife meaning to divorce her!

  - Talmud, YevamotTopics: justice and law marriage
No man can divorce his friend's wife.

  - Talmud, NedarimTopics: marriage wisdom
When a divorced man marries a divorced woman, there are four opinions in the marriage-bed.

  - Talmud, PessachimTopics: marriage wisdom
The man who divorces is not in the same situation as a woman divorced.

  - Talmud, YevamotTopics: women marriage
What is the meaning of 'Hide not yourself from your own flesh!' (Isaiah 58:7)? It means: from your divorced wife.

  - Yalkut Shim'oniTopics: marriage
A pretty daughter is worth half the dowry.

  - Shalom AleichemTopics: children marriage
No man can enjoy full happiness save with his wife and children.

  - Isaac AbravanelTopics: children marriage home and family
Three are rebels against light: a thief, an adulterer and a bat.

  - Mishle YehoshuaTopics: marriage wisdom
If a man and wife are worthy, the Divine Presence is with them; if unworthy, fire consumes them.

  - Talmud, SotaTopics: marriage
Who marries a worthy wife is kissed by Elijah and loved by the Holy One.

  - Derekh Eretz R.Topics: marriage
A young maid to an old man is like a hard nut to a bad tooth.

  - Shlomo RubinTopics: marriage
What is the proper age for wedlock? When you are young, it is too soon, and when you are old, too late.

  - WallachTopics: marriage
When betrothal is brief, the marriage lasts long.

  - Reuven AlcalayTopics: marriage
There never was a wedding without a worry.

  - Reuven AlcalayTopics: marriage
A wifeless Jew has no peace in life.

  - Talmud, YevamotTopics: marriage peace
Rain is the husband of the earth.

  - Talmud, Ta'anitTopics: marriage science
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