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One who stands [in prayer] in Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel) should direct his heart towards Jerusalem, if he was standing in Jerusalem, he should direct his heart towards the holy Temple.

  - Talmud, Berakhot 27aTopics: Jerusalem prayer
The prayer of the sick for himself will avail more than any other.

  - Genesis (Bereshit) R.Topics: health and medicine prayer
All are equal in prayer before the Lord.

  - Exodus (Shmot) R.Topics: prayer
The gates of prayer are never closed.

  - Deuteronomy (Devarim) R.Topics: prayer
The best weapons of Jew are his prayers.

  - Nachman of BratslavTopics: prayer
The gates of prayer are sometimes closed, but the gates of repentance are forever open.

  - Midrash Deuteronomy R. 2:7Topics: prayer sin and repentance
You don't have to pray loudly; just direct your heart to heaven.

  - Rabbi ChiaTopics: prayer
Unless we believe that God renews creation every day, our prayers grow habitual and tedious.

  - Baal Shem TovTopics: prayer
Prayers truly from the heart open all the doors in Heaven.

  - Nachman of BratslavTopics: prayer
The prayers of the sick are more effective than the prayers of others, and are answered first.

  - RashiTopics: health and medicine prayer
But how can you say, 'It was only talk, so no harm was done?' Were this true, then your prayers, and your words of kindness, would be a waste of breath.

  - Nachman of BratslavTopics: prayer sin and repentance lashon harah / gossip
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