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Water will quench a flame and almsgiving atones for sins.

  - Ben Sira 3:30Topics: charity sin and repentance
Accept the apology of one who offers it, be it truth or lie!

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: truth sin and repentance wisdom
Any time of the day is good for confession.

  - Talmud Yerushalmi, YomaTopics: sin and repentance
Confession by the defendant is as good as a hundred witnesses.

  - Talmud, KiddushinTopics: justice and law sin and repentance
If a man says: I will sin and the Day of Atonement will atone for me, then that Day will not atone for him.

  - Yoma 8:9Topics: holidays sin and repentance
The Day of Atonement atones not for sins of man against man, until the sinner makes his peace with his victim.

  - Talmud, YomaTopics: holidays peace sin and repentance
Even if all other festivals vanish, not so the Day of Atonement.

  - SafraTopics: holidays sin and repentance
On the Day of Atonement the Israelites are as ministering angels.

  - Pirqe Derabbi EliezerTopics: holidays sin and repentance
May my death atone for all my sins!

  - Talmud, BerakhotTopics: death sin and repentance
If the evil inclination tells you: Sin and God will pardon!- - -believe it not!

  - Talmud, ChagigahTopics: sin and repentance
What is the remedy for the evil inclination? Repentance!

  - TanchumaTopics: sin and repentance
Exile atones for everything. Exile expiates sins.

  - Talmud, SanhedrinTopics: sin and repentance
Who has fear of God in him will not sin.

  - A. N. HayarchiTopics: sin and repentance wisdom
Whoso asks forgiveness from a friend should not plead more than thrice.

  - Talmud, Yoma 1624Topics: friendship sin and repentance
Without sin, there can be no forgiving.

  - Yemin TsidqiTopics: sin and repentance
Repentance and good deeds are a man's best lawyer.

  - Talmud, ShabbatTopics: justice and law sin and repentance
Some people confess their mistakes to conceal their crimes.

  - Mishle YehoshuaTopics: justice and law sin and repentance
Any study of the Torah and any prayer unaccompanied by good deeds and repentance void the Torah and make the prayer unwanted.

  - Otiyot Derabbi AkivaTopics: charity prayer sin and repentance Torah/Bible/Tanach
Great is almsgiving (repentance) for it brings Redemption nearer.

  - Talmud, Rava Batra and YomaTopics: charity sin and repentance
Let the wicked forwake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord that He may have mercy!

  - Isaiah (Yesha'yahu) 55:7Topics: sin and repentance
Amend your ways and your doings!

  - Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu) 7:3Topics: sin and repentance
Rend your hearts and not your garments; return to the Lord, for He is gracious and merciful!

  - Joel (Yoel) 2:13Topics: sin and repentance
While sinning, repent!

  - Ben Sira 18:21Topics: sin and repentance
A man that cleanses himself after touching a corpse, and then touches it again, of what avail will his cleaning be? So with a man who fasts for his sins and then repeats them.

  - Ben Sira 34:25,26Topics: sin and repentance
Better an hour of repentance and good deeds in this world than a lifetime in the world to come.

  - Avot 4:17Topics: charity sin and repentance
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