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A good man does his fellow a favor for no reason save that he is a good man.

  - Zror HamorTopics: charity friendship wisdom
Whoso asks forgiveness from a friend should not plead more than thrice.

  - Talmud, Yoma 1624Topics: friendship sin and repentance
Who belittles his friend lacks wit.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 11:12Topics: friendship
Wealth makes many friends.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 19:4Topics: friendship
A faithful friend is a powerful defence; he that has found such a one has found a treasure.

  - Ben Sira 6:14Topics: friendship
Forsake not an old friend, for the new one is not his peer! A new friend is as new wine: when it is old, you shall drink it with pleasure.

  - Ben Sira 9:10Topics: friendship
Do not cast out an old friend for a new one!

  - Ben Sira 9:12Topics: friendship
Whoso casts a stone at a bird will frighten it away; and whoso abuses a friend will estrange affection.

  - Ben Sira 22:23Topics: friendship animals
A faithful friend is the medicine of life.

  - Ben Sira 6:18Topics: friendship health and medicine
A friendless man is like a right hand without the left.

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: friendship
There is no treasure like friends.

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: friendship
Friends are of three kinds: one like food which one cannot do without; one like medicine which you may need now and then; and one like pestilence which no one needs at all.

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: friendship
The eye of the needle is not too narrow for two friends and the vastness of the world not enough for two enemies.

  - Mivchar HapeninimTopics: friendship wisdom
A man may hide himself from his enemies, but not from his friends.

  - RashiTopics: friendship wisdom
Your true friend is the one that knows your faults and yet will love you.

  - WallachTopics: love friendship
Press not your friend to dine with you when you know that he dines not, nor offer him many gifts when you know that he accepts them not!

  - Talmud, ChullinTopics: friendship
If you give your friend a gift, you should tell him.

  - Talmud, ShabbatTopics: friendship
Who welcomes his friend with a smile is as one giving him the finest gifts in the world.

  - Avot Derabbi NathanTopics: manners friendship
Who eats even plain bread and salt with his friend should be grateful to him.

  - Tanna Deve Eliyahu R.Topics: manners food and drink friendship
Who raises his hand against a friend is wicked even if he does not strike him.

  - Talmud, SanhedrinTopics: friendship
If your friend did you a little good, let it be large in your sight! If he did you much harm, think it a trifle!

  - Avot Derabbi NathanTopics: friendship
No man knows what is in his friend's heart.

  - Talmud, PesachimTopics: friendship
Who keeps quiet and does not call on his friends for help in trouble will be answerable for the consequences himself.

  - Shmuel HanagidTopics: friendship wisdom
Who is the greatest of heroes? He that makes his foe his friend.

  - Avot Derabbi NathanTopics: friendship wisdom
If you are jealous of your friend, he flourishes and you fall.

  - AbuhavTopics: friendship wisdom
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