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In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: miracles Israel
Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: wisdom knowledge
We have guarded the Book for thousands of years and it has guarded us.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: history Israel Torah/Bible/Tanach
The test of democracy is freedom to criticize.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: government
The worse deceit is self-deceit.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: wisdom
The ghetto outlook divided the universe into two: this world for the Gentile and the next world for the Jew.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Holocaust
Without moral and intellectual independence, there can be no national independence.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel government
No city in the world, not even Athens and Rome, ever played as great a role in the life of a nation for so long a time, as Jerusalem has done in the life of the Jewish people.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Jerusalem history Israel
If a land has a soul, then Jerusalem is the soul of the Land of Israel.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Jerusalem Israel
Jerusalem is the very heart of the Jewish State.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Jerusalem Israel
1948, a year of uniqueness and blessing, which will shine always upon the life of every one of us, and its light will blaze in Jewish history for ever and ever.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
The highest test for the Jewish State will be in its spirit, in its loyalty to the great purposes of the Prophets as they envisioned for the end of days.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel Torah/Bible/Tanach
Land is the source of life and creation, of culture and true independence.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel life
The Land made us a people.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
There is one thing a man cannot change---his parents.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: parents
Tradition must be a spring-board into the future, not an arm-chair for repose.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel Torah/Bible/Tanach
There is no cure for those who know the truth but mean to reject it.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: truth
Lord Samuel once said: 'The Jews are like all other peoples, but with a certain plus'; the Zionists, too, in respect of the Land of Israel are like all Jews, but also plus something.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
There are times when an individual feels he should do those things which only can and should be done by the many. There is room for only one Prime Minister, but for those who make the desert bloom there is room for hundreds, thousands and even millions.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel government
Thought is a strenuous art -- few practice it, and then only at rare times.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: wisdom
It is only in Hebrew that you feel the full meaning of it -- all the associations which a different word has.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: books education
The State of Israel will prove itself not by material wealth, not by military might or technical achievement, but by its moral character and human values.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
The state of Israel represents and speaks only on behalf of its own citizens, and in no way presumes to represent or speak in the name of the Jews who are citizens of any other country.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
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