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The giving of charity, which brings sustenance to a needy individual, is a life-sustaining act - one that effectively allows us to imitate G-d, 'the animator of the living,' and provides each person with the noblest direction in life - to 'walk in His ways.'

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: charity
Jewish tradition perceives children as worthy and deserving of our greatest resources of time and energy to create an environment that is both physically and spiritually nurturing. For it is the children who embody the purity of intent, sincerity, faith and enthusiasm for life.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: children
Education that is merely concerned with the transmission of information is doomed to failure. It must serve the greater and more noble purpose of cultivating the student's moral character.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: education
One of the main distinguishing features which set man apart from all other creatures is the free choice of action which the Creator bestowed upon him. Man can use this Divine gift either for self-destruction and the destruction of everything around him; or he can choose the right way of life, which would elevate him and his environment to the highest possible perfection.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: faith life
Darkness, no matter how ominous and intimidating, is not a thing or force: it is merely the absence of light. So light need not combat and overpower darkness in order to displace it - where light is, darkness is not. A thimbleful of light will therefore banish a roomful of darkness. The same is true of good and evil: evil is not a thing or force, but merely the absence or concealment of good. One need not 'defeat' the evil in the world; one need only bring to light its inherent goodness.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: life
The home should be perceived as a microcosm of the universe: The harmony that permeates the home and the family extends beyond, fostering harmony between families, communities and ultimately, the nations of the world. In the absence of harmony between one's own family, we can hardly expect to find harmony between strangers.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: home and family
G-d enabled the Jewish people to live as sovereigns in the Holy land, the place of our forefathers - the land promised to the Jews by G-d. This reality places a special burden and privilege upon Israel's citizens and its government, to preserve the Jewish integrity of the country. Its educational system must be founded and inspired by Jewish values and the Jewish tradition so that its citizens grow to be proud keepers of their Jewish heritage.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel education
In its relations with other nations, those responsible for representing its government in foreign affairs, must proudly assert its Jewish pride and traditions which is certain to enhance the esteem with which Israel will be regarded.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel government
Jewish law sets forth the criteria necessary for Israel's peace and safety: these can only be achieved from a position of military strength and secure borders. Any sign of strategic vulnerability is sure to encourage terrorism in Israel and abroad.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel government
The secret of our existence is in our being 'a people that dwell alone' [Numbers (Bamidbar) 23:9], a people that believes in the one G-d, and leads a life according to the one Torah, which is eternal and unchangeable.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel faith
One of the comprehensive mitzvot of the Torah is the mitzvah of ahavat yisrael, the love for a fellow Jew, which is said to be a great principle of Torah, and the basis of the entire Torah.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: love Torah/Bible/Tanach
The division of Judaism into 'Orthodox,' 'Conservative,' 'Reform,' etc., is artificial. For all Jews have one and the same Torah, given by the one and same G-d, though there are more observant Jews and less observant Jews. To tag on a label does not, of course, change the reality of Jewish essence.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: faith Torah/Bible/Tanach
Every Jew - wherever he or she may find themselves, even a solitary Jew in the most remote corner of the earth - must remember that they are part of the whole Jewish people and representatives of the entire Jewish people - the one people ever since the Torah was given at Mt. Sinai, until the end of time.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel faith
If you find a Jew who has love of G-d, but lacks love of the Torah and the Jewish people, tell him that his love shall not endure. If you find a Jew who has love of the Jewish people but no love for G-d or the Torah, work with him to fan that love, for he will come to an enduring love of G-d, Torah and the Jewish people.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: love faith Torah/Bible/Tanach
If an individual is handicapped, he or she is challenged by Divine Providence to uncover hidden abilities and energies to overcome his or her handicap, and to attain higher levels of achievement than others who are not similarly handicapped. I strongly recommend a change in the term 'handicapped' - and prefer the term 'special' or 'excellent ones,' for it is their excellence that enables them to transcend whatever physical limitations they may have.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: health and medicine
There are ethereal beings who bask in the Divine light of spiritual worlds. But it is human beings, who struggle with the darkness of a material world who shall ultimately arrive at the Essence.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: life
If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that G-d has left for you to complete. But if you one see what is wrong and how ugly it is, then it is yourself that needs repair.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: life
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