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If you see a man giving liberally, it means his wealth will grow; if you see one who shuns charity, it means his wealth will dwindle.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: charity business and money
A word to the wise is enough, but a fool needs a fist.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: wisdom
If a man does not pursue the words of the Law, they will not pursue him.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: Torah/Bible/Tanach
A man is lucky if his wife, his studies and his livelihood all come from his own town.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: business and money marriage education
Wisdom came before the Torah.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: Torah/Bible/Tanach wisdom
From a man's words you may know if he likes you or hates you.

  - Midrash MishleTopics: wisdom
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