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If you swim against the current, you cannot stop: you can go either forward or back.

  - Shim'oniTopics: business and money wisdom
The man capable of deceiving himself is much more dangerous than the man capable only of deceiving others.

  - Shim'oniTopics: wisdom
Most often, the man who becomes leader is not the one that knows the way but the one who behaves as if he does.

  - Shim'oniTopics: humor government leadership
The smaller the man, the easier it is for him to believe in his own greatness.

  - Shim'oniTopics:
I wish we could feel what we understand and understand what we feel.

  - Shim'oniTopics: wisdom
The weak dream so much of strength that at last they come to see their very weakness as strength.

  - Shim'oniTopics: dreams
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