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The future of a nation is in its past.

  - Yochanan TverskyTopics: history Israel government
It is good to die for our country.

  - Yoseph TrumpeldorTopics: Israel death
The Lord will bless His people with peace.

  - Psalms (Tehillim) 29:11Topics: Israel peace
Israel's salvation will come through prophets and not through diplomats.

  - Achad Ha'amTopics: Israel government
Redemption only comes to our nation bit by bit.

  - Middrash TehillimTopics: Israel faith
Israel will not be redeemed until they are united all into a single grouping.

  - TanchumaTopics: Israel faith
More than Israel has preserved the Sabbath, the Sabbath has preserved Israel.

  - Achad Ha'amTopics: Israel Shabbat
No one that feels a real link with the nation in his heart throughout the ages could imagine the existence of the Jewish people without 'Sabbath the Queen'.

  - Achad Ha'amTopics: Israel Shabbat
If a people cannot help itself, it cannot be helped at all.

  - Theodor HerzlTopics: Israel
Whithersoever Israel were exiled, the Divine Presence was with them.

  - MekhiltaTopics: Israel faith
Come, see how great the power of slander! How do we know? From the story of the spies that went into the Promised Land.

  - Talmud ArakhimTopics: Israel sin and repentance
There shall be one law for the citizen and for the stranger who dwells among you.

  - Exodus (Shmot) 12:49Topics: Israel justice and law Torah/Bible/Tanach
Tolerance can be based, and it will be based, on reciprocity.

  - Theodor HerzlTopics: Israel justice and law
Moses commanded us a Law, heritage of the congregation of Jacob.

  - Deuteronomy (Devarim) 33:4Topics: Israel justice and law Torah/Bible/Tanach
Tradition must be a spring-board into the future, not an arm-chair for repose.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel Torah/Bible/Tanach
Jerusalem which is bound firmly together (Psalms [Tehillim] 122:3) binds the Jews one to the other.

  - Talmud Yerushalmi, Bava KammaTopics: Jerusalem Israel
The Jews have one way of saving themselves---a return to their own people and an emigration to their own Land.

  - Theodor HerzlTopics: Israel
Lord Samuel once said: 'The Jews are like all other peoples, but with a certain plus'; the Zionists, too, in respect of the Land of Israel are like all Jews, but also plus something.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel
G-d enabled the Jewish people to live as sovereigns in the Holy land, the place of our forefathers - the land promised to the Jews by G-d. This reality places a special burden and privilege upon Israel's citizens and its government, to preserve the Jewish integrity of the country. Its educational system must be founded and inspired by Jewish values and the Jewish tradition so that its citizens grow to be proud keepers of their Jewish heritage.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel education
In its relations with other nations, those responsible for representing its government in foreign affairs, must proudly assert its Jewish pride and traditions which is certain to enhance the esteem with which Israel will be regarded.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel government
Jewish law sets forth the criteria necessary for Israel's peace and safety: these can only be achieved from a position of military strength and secure borders. Any sign of strategic vulnerability is sure to encourage terrorism in Israel and abroad.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel government
Every Jew - wherever he or she may find themselves, even a solitary Jew in the most remote corner of the earth - must remember that they are part of the whole Jewish people and representatives of the entire Jewish people - the one people ever since the Torah was given at Mt. Sinai, until the end of time.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: Israel faith
There are times when an individual feels he should do those things which only can and should be done by the many. There is room for only one Prime Minister, but for those who make the desert bloom there is room for hundreds, thousands and even millions.

  - David Ben-GurionTopics: Israel government
Who pities not mankind, be it known that he is not the seed of our Father Abraham!

  - Talmud, BeitzaTopics: Israel sin and repentance
Every people has its own melody...But Israel sings all of them, in order to bring them all to God.

  - Abraham YaakovTopics: Israel music
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