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The last anti-Semite will die when the last Jew does.

  - W. AdlerTopics: anti-Semitism
Hatred of the Jew is not the outcome of anti-Semitic lie and calumny. The contrary is true: the lie and calumny are the outcome of anti-Semitic sentiments.

  - Max NordauTopics: anti-Semitism
I am sorry for the blindness of Jews who comfort themselves in vain in the evils that face them now, saying that anti-Semitism is ephemeral and will speedily pass away. Abandon that hope!

  - Max NordauTopics: anti-Semitism
No Jews felt more helpless in the face of anti-Semitism than those who had done everything deliberately and enthusiastically to adapt themselves to their environment.

  - Leo MotzkinTopics: Holocaust anti-Semitism
Just as anti-Semitism drives the weak, the cowardly and the materialistic Jew into Christianity, so its pressure has strengthened my own Judaism powerfully within me.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: anti-Semitism
We carry the germs of anti-Semitism in our own knapsacks.

  - Chaim WeizmannTopics: anti-Semitism
We accept this word 'Jew', ostensibly a term of abuse, and shall turn it into a title.

  - Theodore HerzlTopics: Israel anti-Semitism
What evil can a man yet speak against the Jews that our enemies have not already spoken? What good can a man say of them that our champions have not yet said?

  - David FrishmanTopics: Israel anti-Semitism
The landlessness of the Jewish people has been the source of its malady and tragedy.

  - Dov Ber BorochovTopics: Israel anti-Semitism
Where Jewish education is neglected, the whole content of Judaism is reduced to merely an awareness of anti-Semitism. Judaism ceases them to be a civilization, and becomes a complex.

  - Mordechai KaplanTopics: anti-Semitism education
Where there is a chance to act against Jews, the highly educated joins in the chorus of the low, illiterate mob.

  - Amalie TaubelsTopics: anti-Semitism
To hate Israel is to hate God...To rise against Israel is to rise against God...To help Israel is to help God.

  - Sifre Num., #84Topics: Israel anti-Semitism
Look, the Israelite people are much too many for us. Let us then deal shrewdly with them, lest they increase!

  - Exodus (Shmot) 1: 9,10Topics: Israel anti-Semitism
Come let us wipe them out as a nation, let the name of Israel be remembered no more!

  - Psalms (Tehillim) 83:5Topics: Israel anti-Semitism
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