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Hatred of the Jew is not the outcome of anti-Semitic lie and calumny. The contrary is true: the lie and calumny are the outcome of anti-Semitic sentiments.

  - Max NordauTopics: anti-Semitism
I am sorry for the blindness of Jews who comfort themselves in vain in the evils that face them now, saying that anti-Semitism is ephemeral and will speedily pass away. Abandon that hope!

  - Max NordauTopics: anti-Semitism
A great people cannot live without an ideal.

  - Max NordauTopics: Israel government
The first condition a community should set, if it aspires to be a nation, is to own the land whereon it lives, and supply its own needs.

  - Max NordauTopics: Israel government
A Land whose every stone symbolizes past effort and hope to come...

  - Max NordauTopics: Israel
A long life, a short life - - -what matters it? What is important is that it be a life of beauty.

  - Max NordauTopics: life
The desire of procreation is itself blind and needs the faithful guide, which is love.

  - Max NordauTopics: love
Those who have wept and laughed together are no longer strangers.

  - Max NordauTopics: friendship
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