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Nobody is ever impoverished through the giving of charity.

  - MaimonidesTopics: charity business and money
One should accept the truth from whatever source it proceeds.

  - MaimonidesTopics: truth
Give graciously, cheerfully, and sympathetically.

  - MaimonidesTopics: charity
There are eight rungs in charity. The highest is when you help a man to help himself.

  - MaimonidesTopics: charity
The great sages were porters, smiths, hewers of wood and drawers of water...accepting nothing from the community.

  - MaimonidesTopics: business and money education
The Sabbaths are for rest and the festivals for joy, not for fasting and weeping and crying.

  - MaimonidesTopics: holidays Shabbat
To eat and drink on a festival in the company of your family without providing for the poor and distressed, is not 'the joy of the commandment' but the joy of your stomach. It is a disgrace.

  - MaimonidesTopics: food and drink holidays charity Shabbat home and family sin and repentance
If a poor man asks for alms, and you have nothing to give, console him with words; for it is forbidden to chastise a poor man or raise your voice against him, since his heart is broken.

  - MaimonidesTopics: charity
Our sages recommended that a father should spend less than his means on food, up to his means on dress, and beyond his means for his wife and children.

  - MaimonidesTopics: food and drink business and money children marriage home and family
Whoever does no work will suffer all his life.

  - MaimonidesTopics: business and money
Men's features are not alike; nor are their opinions.

  - MaimonidesTopics: wisdom
A miracle cannot prove that which is impossible; it is useful only as a confirmation of what is possible.

  - MaimonidesTopics: miracles
It is imperative that most men work in [physically] productive occupations, so that the few who devote themselves entirely to learning may have their wants provided; in this way, the human race goes on, and knowledge is enriched.

  - MaimonidesTopics: business and money education
What is lofty can be said in any language, and what is mean should be said in none.

  - MaimonidesTopics: wisdom lashon harah / gossip
When I see no way of teaching a truth but one that will please one intelligent man but will offend ten thousand fools, I address myself to the one, and ignore the censure of the thousands.

  - MaimonidesTopics: truth education
He who has not studied enough and teaches imperfect knowledge is to be treated as if he has sinned intentionally.

  - MaimonidesTopics: sin and repentance education
The Torah is truth, and the purpose of knowing it is to live by it.

  - MaimonidesTopics: truth life Torah/Bible/Tanach
A truth does not become greater by repetition.

  - MaimonidesTopics: truth
The Torah is truth, and the purpose of knowing it is to live by it.

  - MaimonidesTopics: truth life Torah/Bible/Tanach
A wise man is a greater asset to a nation than a king.

  - MaimonidesTopics: wisdom government
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