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Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel.

  - Bella AbzugTopics: women education
Whether women are better than men I cannot say--- but they are certainly no worse.

  - Golda MeirTopics: women
For every woman who makes a fool out of a man, there is another woman who makes a man out of a fool.

  - Samuel HoffmanTopics: women humor
Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

  - Groucho MarxTopics: women humor
From birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents, from 18 to 35 she needs good looks, from 35 to 55 she needs a good personality, and from 55 on she needs cash.

  - Sophie TuckerTopics: women humor
There is no worse pride than his who flaunts his modesty.

  - Jacob KlatzkinTopics: women sin and repentance
At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent.

  - Golda MeirTopics: parents women children home and family
Who is deemed a termagant? The woman that speaks inside her own home yet the neighbors hear her words.

  - Ketubot 7:6Topics: women home and family
A betrothed girl in Jerusalem does not need to adorn herself with the scent of incense.

  - Talmud, Yoma 39bTopics: women Jerusalem marriage
Charm is deceitful and beauty vain.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 31:30Topics: women
A woman must not put on a man's apparel, nor shall a man wear woman's clothing.

  - Deuteronomy (Devarim) 22:5Topics: women Torah/Bible/Tanach
In pain shall you bear children.

  - Genesis (Bereshit) 3:16Topics: women children marriage Torah/Bible/Tanach
A man is easily cajoled, not so the woman.

  - Genesis (Bereshit) R.Topics: women
Everything comes from the woman---a good and worthy wife makes her husband righteous, and the opposite is also true.

  - Genesis (Bereshit) R.Topics: women marriage
A man whose first wife dies is as though the Temple was destroyed in his lifetime.

  - Talmud, SanhedrinTopics: women death marriage
The bride with beautiful eyes need not worry about her figure.

  - Talmud: Berakot, 54bTopics: women marriage
Every bride is beautiful.

  - Talmud: Ketubot, 17aTopics: women marriage
If an orphan boy and an orphan girl need support, or apply for a marriage grant, the girl is cared for first. The boy may beg, but not the girl.

  - Tosefta: KetubotTopics: women charity children marriage
A woman recognizes the character of a guest sooner than her husband does.

  - Talmud, Berakot 10Topics: women hospitality
Modesty is the noblest of all ornaments.

  - Eleazar RokeachTopics: women wisdom
A modest woman has good children.

  - Nachman of BratslavTopics: women children
Reading poetry in translation is like kissing a woman through a veil.

  - Chaim Nachman BialikTopics: women books
A woman watches a guest more grudgingly than a man.

  - Talmud, Bava MetziaTopics: women hospitality
As the mother, so her daughter

  - Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 16:44Topics: parents women children
A beautiful wife enlarges a man's spirit.

  - [adapted from] Talmud, Berakot 57bTopics: women marriage
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