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Let your home be wide open and the needy be members of your household.

  - Avot 1:5Topics: charity home and family hospitality
One should not rear a vicious dog in one's home.

  - Talmud, KetubotTopics: animals home and family
The home should be perceived as a microcosm of the universe: The harmony that permeates the home and the family extends beyond, fostering harmony between families, communities and ultimately, the nations of the world. In the absence of harmony between one's own family, we can hardly expect to find harmony between strangers.

  - Rebbe Menachem SchneersonTopics: home and family
The husband is master of the home. . . if the wife is out-of-doors.

  - Traditional ProverbTopics: marriage home and family
The principal of the eternity of Torah bestows upon us the promise that it is possible to study Torah and to observe it not only at home or in the ghetto but everywhere in the world, be it the modern home, the laboratory, the campus or the industrial plant, in public as well as in private life.

  - Rav Yosef Dov SoloveitchikTopics: Torah/Bible/Tanach home and family
There are men who travel far to look for something that they can find in their own homes.

  - Mishle YehoshuaTopics: home and family
When you whitewash your home, leave a small patch bare to remind you of the Temple's destruction! [Tisha B'Av]

  - Talmud, Bava BatraTopics: holidays history Israel home and family
Who is deemed a termagant? The woman that speaks inside her own home yet the neighbors hear her words.

  - Ketubot 7:6Topics: women home and family
In the house of a wise man none is ever slow to perform the duties of hospitality.

  - PhiloTopics: hospitality home and family
To eat and drink on a festival in the company of your family without providing for the poor and distressed, is not 'the joy of the commandment' but the joy of your stomach. It is a disgrace.

  - MaimonidesTopics: food and drink holidays charity Shabbat home and family sin and repentance
Who discredits himself discredits his family.

  - Exodus (Shmot) R.Topics: home and family
Who lodges a scholar in his home is as one offering first-fruits [Shavuot] in the Temple.

  - Leviticus (Vayikra) R.Topics: holidays hospitality education home and family
It is nobler to visit a house of mourning than a house of feasting.

  - Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) 2Topics: food and drink death home and family
Our sages recommended that a father should spend less than his means on food, up to his means on dress, and beyond his means for his wife and children.

  - MaimonidesTopics: food and drink business and money children marriage home and family
The world is like an inn, the world to come like home.

  - Talmud, Mo'ed Katan 9bTopics: life home and family
Anger in a home is like rottenness in fruit.

  - Talmud, Sota 3bTopics: food and drink home and family
Immorality in a home is like a worm in fruit.

  - Talmud, Sota 3bTopics: sin and repentance home and family
In his home, even a weaver is a ruler.

  - Talmud, MegillahTopics: home and family
Like a bird that strays from her nest is a man who strays from his home.

  - Proverbs (Mishle) 27:8Topics: animals home and family
The trip is never too hard, if you know you're going home.

  - The Chofetz ChaimTopics: home and family
A man's joy is greatest when his family is with him.

  - Ephraim LuntshitzTopics: home and family
A place becomes known far and wide if it is the home of a great man.

  - The Ropshitzer RabbiTopics: wisdom home and family
In everyone's heart stirs a great homesickness.

  - Rabbi Seymor SiegelTopics: wisdom home and family
Work for peace within your family, then in your street, then within the community.

  - The Bershider RabbiTopics: peace government home and family
A place becomes known far and wide because it is the home of a great man.

  - The Ropshitzer RabbiTopics: wisdom home and family
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